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We are SERVICE LEADERS. We honor the human experience in every interaction we have with each other and with our clients. We treat everyone with respect, anticipate the needs of others, and follow through on our commitments. 

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We embrace DIVERSITY, respect the opinion of others, and encourage self expression. We are for EVERYONE.

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We leverage our strengths, work collaboratively to achieve goals, and celebrate success TOGETHER.

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We are INVOLVED in the communities we serve and we create a sense of BELONGING. Together we are stronger.

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We are CURIOUS, we embrace feedback, and we seek opportunities to LEARN, GROW, and DEVELOP.

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We set the bar high and take PRIDE in exceeding our goals. Achieving RESULTS enables us to create sustainable GROWTH.

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The hair world is made up of a community that is connected to virtually every part of most people's lives. We employ people from all walks of life and every corner of the world. We provide services for people in every profession that you can think of. In other words, our community sees, hears, and experiences everything! At Floyd's Barbershops, our team has done that for 25 years! Now we are bringing some of those stories to you. "Floyd's Nation" is a podcast that will introduce you to stories about the amazing people inside of our doors and behind the barber chair. We will also share stories that spotlight influencers in the hair world as well as impactful stories that are affecting you. If you want to learn more about the people and stories that take place every day in the hair world then step on up and join us in Floyd's Nation!

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